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Ice Pack XL

gelpacks matten

ICE PACK XL (instant gel ice pack) for fresher hygienic cooling soluitions. Applied in fish, fruit, flowers and medical industry. Cooling these perishable products is of paramount importance to maintain the qualityin the box, over an extended period of time.

The single sheets of ICE PACK XL are activated by placing them in fresh tap water. The super absorbent polymer will take up the water instantly. Within 20 minutes it has taken up enough water to form cushion shape ice cubes which only have to be placed onto a shock freezer or in cabinet freezer before they are ready to use. 

ICE PACK XL can be manufactured in most desired configurations. Also available in rolls with easy tear off perforation.

ICE PACK XL remains flexible when frozen. There is no meltwater when thawing. The hydrated water will stay as a gel inside the cushions. Transport savings can be made on airfreight since 800 gr of ICE PACK XL equals 1.2 kg of ice. It requires very minimal storage capacity. 1 box 40x40x40 cm containing 500 sheets weighs approximately 13 kg and has well over 400 kg ICE PACK XL cooling capacity when activated.

ICE PACK XL consists of only FDA food approved quality components and is manufactured according to the latest EC packaging legislations. 

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