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INTER FRESH CONCEPTS caters also for the International seafood industry by developing and producing Ice replacement products and drip absorption pads to ensure quality standards in relation to HACCP and BRC are met.

ICE PACK XL is the ultimate Ice replacement product. It generates cold like wet ice for an extended period without the hassle melt water can cause once thawing and allows you to save hundreds of Dollars on each shipment in airfreight charges as it can reduce your Ice usage by up to 30-50%.

InterSORB™ The extreme soaker pad that keeps your seafood separated from bacteria infested melt water & drip while the cooling capacity of melt water continues to do the job.
InterSORB™ comes in various configurations. Is used in MAP retail consumer packs, wholesale packs and export packed seafood boxes. Required absorption capacities are available in our standard product range.

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